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Software & service by SDSC at UC San Diego

SeedMeLab is available as open-source building blocks.

Create your own solution using SeedMeLab building blocks. SeedMeLab is built upon the mature, sustained and continuously security hardened Drupal content management framework. You can compose our modules with many others available in the Drupal ecosystem to suit your needs.

Not interested in DIY solution, take a look at managed hosting options.


Active software usage

SeedMeLab software modules are actively used in Academia, Industry, Government and Non-profit sectors.

Title Active usage1
FolderShare 118
FolderShare REST 11
Formatter Suite 328
Chart Suite 55
CILogon Auth 10
Cache Utility 113

Grand total


1Active usage is underreported, as many sites disable telemetry. Counts as of Jan 5, 2024