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Extensible data sharing powered by SeedMe2 building blocks

SeedMe2 (Stream, Encode, Explore and Disseminate My Experiments) is a set of modular building blocks for creating data sharing and data management websites. It enables research teams to manage, share, search, visualize, and present their data in a web-based environment using an access-controlled, branded, and customizable website they own and control. It supports storing and viewing data in a familiar tree hierarchy, but also supports formatted annotations, lightweight visualizations, and threaded comments on any file/folder. The system can be easily extended and customized to support metadata, job parameters, and other domain and project-specific contextual items. The software is open source and available as an extension to the popular Drupal content management system. See a comparison of SeedMe2 with other services.

Principal Investigators will use SeedMe2 to manage data products and collaboration because it eliminates content fragmentation (data+context+discussion) and enables quick reference of research context when writing papers, accelerate team productivity and knowledge transfer between lab members. A branded data site also enables the PI's to extend their research brand and overcome data management gaps.

Students/Post-docs will use SeedMe2 to accelerate their productivity by sharing their work with Principal Investigators and team members because they receive swift feedback and find the context invaluable when writing papers.


My inbox is decongested (100 less emails per week), I am able to provide swift and actionable feedback to my students and Post-docs rapidly. All data and its context from my group is in one place, making it easy when writing research papers.  - Professor at UCSD

By using SeedMe we save approximately 30 mins daily by easily sharing data and its contextual information with my Professor and research group. With faster feedback my research productivity pace has significantly increased after switching to SeedMe. - Graduate student and Post doc at UCSD

Download the project's software

Extend and integrate it with rich API
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Full control and easy customization to manage your team's data in a rich way

  • Unify data, metadata, its annotation and its discussion in one spot
  • Extend virtual file system to map your data attributes
  • Generate visualization of CSV and JSON files automatically 
  • Add your branding and customize presentation style
  • Optionally, use it as your project/group website
  • Host the website: Yourself or by your organization or by vendor either on-premise or public cloud
  • Leverage open source software & Drupal's large developer community



Project status

Alpha1 release
(Mar, 2018)

Alpha2 release
(Aug, 2018)

Stable release
(Mar 2019)