SeedMeLab services and offerings

Our services

  • Managed hosting: Turnkey data cloud that is professionally managed and offered with training and support. 
  • Data management: Consult and implement your grant's Data management plan with SeedMeLab, see additional information.
  • Sponsored/Collaborative research: Engage with us to develop new features such as a Science Gateway, Data repository, FAIR data sharing, Visualization, etc.
  • Software maintenance support: Use our Open Source software and deploy SeedMeLab at your organization. Get software maintenance, consulting, training and support from us.
  • Software licensing: License add-on extensions to the SeedMeLab core.

Discuss services & pricing.

Managed Hosting Tiers

Features Lite Standard Custom
No of users 10 25 25+
Storage 100GB 1TB 1TB+
Data management core
Upload, share and manage data
Data visualization
Auto generated for simple csv and other file types 
Modify site styling
One re-colorable style Two re-colorable styles Varies
Preconfigured research lab site
Web services + Client
Manage data from terminal or API
Filesystem extension
Add new fields to store metadata
Single Sign On
Via your institution's authentication
Configure and style the site
Two hours Six hours Varies
Up to two hours of hands-on walk through
One session Two sessions Varies
Help and troubleshoot issues
Email Email Email and phone

Add more with fee

  • Users
  • Storage
  • Customization / Training / Support

Get customizations with fee

  • Authentication (e.g Two factor)
  • Add new features (e.g. visualization, validation, processing)
  • Modify website (e.g. New content types, appearance)