SeedMeLab services

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  • Data management plan: Help with drafting, implementing and budgeting of data management plan for your research proposal.
  • Managed hosting: Turnkey solution that is professionally managed. No setup and maintenance hassle for you, simply use our service.
  • Regulatory compliant hosting: Ready infrastructure to meet compliance with FISMA, HIPPA, and NIST CUI regulations via our Sherlock Cloud Solutions.
  • Sponsored/Collaborative research: Add new features (e.g. repository, custom metadata, data validation pipeline, visualization, etc) to suit your needs with our expertise.
  • Enterprise: Deploy our software on-premise at your organization. Commercial license and support coming soon.
  • Open Source software: Host your own SeedMeLab instance with our software.

Managed Hosting Tiers






Storage ! 25GB 100GB 100GB+
Users ! 25 100 100+
Backup (nightly) ! 30 days 30 days 30 days
Data management core
Web services + Client
Tabular data visualization
Custom metadata !
Single Sign On !
Presentation themes ! 2 2 Varies
Media viewers x
Share invitations x
Slideshow x
Notifications x
Website (Fixed template) !
Regulatory compliant hosting ! x x $
Customization & support x 2 hours annually 5 hours annually Varies
Training x One session One session Varies
Add Ons
Additional users   $ $ Varies
Additional storage   $ $ $
Additional support   $ $ $
Contact us to discuss your use case and pricing options.

✓ Included/available
x Not available
$ Additional fee
! Not applicable
* Do it yourself using our software that is freely available.