SeedMeLab use cases

SeedMeLab is being used in variety of use cases by research groups, gateways, cyberinfrastructure providers and websites. Selected use cases are listed below 

Laser Plasma Lab

Laser Plasma Lab at UCSD is using SeedMeLab for data management as well as their group's website. Combining both these into one platform provides them a unique ability to keep website content, data, metadata, presentations and reports in one spot.

HPC Share

SDSC is enabling over 600 users of Comet High Performance Computing cluster to easily move, share and access their data using SeedMeLab.

Enzo-E project

Professor Michael Norman’s ENZO project is using a new deployment of SeedMeLab to share results of the newly developed ENZO-E code on the Frontera Leadership Class Computing System amongst a distributed development team. ENZO-E is a funded NSF CSSI framework project.

CIPRES Gateway

CIPRES project at UCSD provides a portal for computing Phylogenetic codes on High Performance Computing resources. SeedMeLab has been integrated with CIPRES to allow data sharing capability to its over 10,000 users.

GenApp Gateway

GenApp framework at the University of Montana. SeedMeLab has been integrated as advance filesystem with GenAPP Framework to enable rich collaboration capabilities for its approximately 600 users.

NEMAR Data Repository

NEMAR project at UCSD. SeedMeLab software is being customized to to build a neuroelectromagnetic data portal to the NIMH OpenNeuro human neuroimaging data archive funded by the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH).

FlowGate Data Repository

FlowGate project at J Craig Venture Institute is building a large repository of biomedical data products from observation to analysis for a large research team and may be potentially deployed in hospital(s) to aid disease related research. The FlowGate project is funded by the NIH. 

Websites worldwide

Over 150 websites around the world are actively using our SeedMeLab's Open Source Software modules. Some examples include Clarity project that aims to build up and service a vivid community interested in climate change adaptation which is funded by the EU and Burkina Faso's Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Crafts website is using the software to distribute public documents.

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