SeedMe1 vs SeedMe2 vs Cloud drives

SeedMe2 project is implementing a set of modular data sharing building blocks for variety of use cases. See differences with SeedMe1 project and others.

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Features SeedMe2 SeedMe1 Cloud drives (Dropbox, One drive, etc.)
Project focus Arbitrary data & metadata Image sequences& videos Arbitrary data
Video encoding from images Not yet, but planned Yes No
Upload size < 2GB per file, planned support for larger size 100 MB per file Varies (usually < 5GB per file)
Sharing Read and/or write Read only Read and/or write
Folder hierarchy Tree None Tree
Extensible file/folder attributes Yes No No
Add description on file/folder Yes Yes May be
Add comments on file/folder Yes Yes For text documents only
Command line client Yes Yes No (from third-party)
Visualization Automatic visualization for CSV and JSON files No No
Branding and appearance   Customizable and personable  Fixed Fixed
Extensible as a website Yes Fixed No
Hosting options On-premise or any cloud platform  Fixed central hosting Fixed central hosting
Open source Yes No No