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foldershare logo

Foldershare: a web-based file system module for Drupal 8

The FolderShare manages shared files and folders like those for Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. Files are stored on the web server and tracked in the website database. Access is controlled using website user accounts, permissions, and shared access selections made by users. Each folder/file has a built in description field where users can describe contextual information, that is then presented along with folder/files.

FolderShare citation: DOI://10.5281/zenodo.2578254
Date Version Notes
Mar 28, 2019

foldershare-8.x-1.1 (internal 0.6.7)

REST/CLI client: foldershare_php_client.0.6.3

First stable release, Requires Drupal 8.6.x and PHP7.2
Aug 20, 2018 foldershare.0.5.4 2nd alpha release, requires Drupal 8.5.x
Mar 12, 2018 foldershare.0.4.0 1st alpha release, requires Drupal 8.4.x

Chart suite logo

Chart Suite: A light visualization module for Drupal 8

The Chart Suite Drupal module implements a file field formatter that displays an inline visualization to show tables, trees, and graphs using Google charts API. Internally this module uses our SDSC StructuredData API for PHP for data translation. 

Chart suite citation: DOI://10.5281/zenodo.2578241
Date Version Notes
Oct 4, 2018 chart_suite-8.x-1.0 (internal suite.0.4.0) First stable release
Sep 10, 2018  NA | chart suite.0.3.0 4th alpha release, name changed from small data
Jun 12, 2018 NA | smalldata.0.2.0 3rd alpha release
Oct 09, 2017 NA | smalldata.0.1.3 2nd alpha release
Sep 20, 2016 NA | small data.0.1.0 1st alpha release

Formatter suite logo

Formatter Suite: A collection of generic field formatters for Drupal 8

The Formatter Suite module provides a collection of generic field formatters that can be used for fields in any content type supported by Drupal 8. 

Formatter suite citation: DOI://10.5281/zenodo.2578252
Date Version Notes
Dec 10, 2019 formatter_suite-8.x-1.1 (internal 0.2.1) Patch release
Oct 4, 2018 formatter_suite-8.x-1.0 (internal 0.2.0) First stable release
Sep 10, 2018  formatter_suite.0.1.0  First development release

CILogon Auth: Single sign-on for higher education Drupal 8 sites

The CILogon Auth module allows users to sign-in and register on Drupal site via the CILogon Single Sign-on service. It also allows custom user restriction via integration with the User Restrictions module. 

CILogon Auth citation: DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2578262
Date  Version Notes
Mar 11, 2019  cilogon_auth-8.x-beta1 First beta release

Research Lab Theme for Drupal 8

This theme is used to demonstrate a data centric research website built on SeedMe2 building blocks

Date Version Notes
Feb 7, 2019 Stable release
Jan 18, 2019 3rd alpha release
Aug 31, 2018 2nd alpha release
Aug 17, 2018 1st alpha release

SDSC StructuredData API for PHP

The SDSC StructuredData API parses CSV, TSV, HTML, and JSON file formats and reads their data into generic data structures for tables, trees, and graphs. The API also provides writing functions to dump these data back out into new files in differing formats. The API's command-line tool provides a ready-built command to convert any of these data file formats into any other file format.

SDSCStructuredData API citation: DOI:10.5281/zenodo.2578272
Date Version Notes
Sep 24, 2018 SDSCStructuredData.1.0.1 Stable release
Sep 10, 2018 SDSCStructuredData.1.0.0 Stable release, name changed from SmallData API
Sep 14, 2016 SmallData.1.0.0 beta 1st beta release